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The Best Restaurants on St Maarten

One of the most famous chefs on the island is Chef Mario. His famous Cliff restaurant offers incredible views of the ocean and sunset. His cuisine combines French cuisine with Asian and Creole influences. Menu items range from grilled lobster to fresh fish and venison. The restaurant also offers a selection of fine wines in best restaurants on St Maarten.

Foodies will be happy with the variety of restaurants on the island. You can eat at one of the many fine dining establishments throughout the island, or you can splurge at the casual watering holes around Simpson Bay. Local favorites include the Amsterdam Cheese Store, the Coffee Lounge, and the Longwall Rd. patty place.

Dining on St Maarten is a true culinary experience, and fresh seafood is often the centerpiece of the menu. There are numerous fine dining establishments and a variety of regional, international, and exotic cuisines. Guests can even try the island’s national liqueur, Guavaberry, made from local wild guava berries.

Another favorite is Emilio’s, a casual bistro restaurant that has been open for almost 25 years. The restaurant’s owners, Su Wathey and Norman Wathey, offer an array of lunch dishes that highlight the island’s distinct flavors. The restaurant also offers a fine dining experience at night. This dining option is conveniently located near the Rainforest Adventure Park, where you can enjoy rides and zip-line adventures.

If you’re a gourmet, you can also splurge at any of the island’s French restaurants. The French Side has a reputation for haute cuisine, which is why it’s known as the culinary capital of the Caribbean. It’s no surprise that this island has become so popular with foodies.

The Caribbean cuisine is a unique blend of cultures. You’ll find exotic mushroom black rice, entrees seasoned with saffron, and seafood drenched in caramelized grapefruit sauce. East Indian cuisine is also popular on the island, and many dishes feature Saffron and curry. Fresh fish is also abundant on the island, and its cuisine reflects this.

Another great option is Sol e Luna. This restaurant is situated on the eastern shore of the French side and is a beautifully restored home. The restaurant serves delicious food and is a romantic spot. The menu is prepared by Chef Christian and focuses on local ingredients and fresh fish. There’s also a great wine list. You’ll want to plan a romantic evening. The view at the beachfront restaurant is spectacular.


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